Easy to foresee what going on

Russia is pushing Ukraine to the civil war. Then the army will enter and occupy the eastern Ukraine. 

What do you think what have the 40000 troops been doing near the Ukrainian border.

West should stop playing a fool and should start acting strongly. Russia cares only about raw force.

Every diplomacy is a sign of weakness for Russia. Putin has been lying now for a long time. Everybody knows it but nobody really responds to these lies. Words do not protect from Russian military. He sees clearly that that type of war (based on lies and masked militants) works. And he needs the war equipment for further missions. So it is better to get as much as possible with losing as little as possible. That is simple.

Now the question is – If Ukraine is once lost, what is left of Europe and NATO morally? How can anybody trust such a big weak complicated and soft creature?

Who can stand for the values of West if West cant? Putin is only laughing at your face.

Do not think that it ends here.





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