Interesting thoughts from Mikhail Schichkin

This russian man said, that what Ukrainians did during Maidan is a bravery and admirable decisiveness. Ukrainians had courage to say “No!” to a group of bandits exploiting people.

And inside Russians are jealous because of that and the government is very much afraid. 

And these brotherhood nations who share very similar sufferings and history are now thorn apart and agains each other by Putin.

But in Russia these people, just normal people are beeng shown and accused as fascists, radicals and bandits. People in Russia believe (and they really do) that maidan people were constantly on drugs. Family members from Russia call to Ukraine and ask if people in Ukraine have food and shelter. And if Russians are surpressed and abused.

Why is this huge propagandistic net of lies necessary? Probably Putin might have a bigger plan in mind. Why to provoke the whole nation to anger?



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