Russian troops ready to invade Ukraine near Ukraine border

What would that mean?

Moving massive troops is not an easy and cheap process.

Putin would not do it just for fun or even to just scare Europe and Ukraine.

I think everything is ready for an attack. The next step is arranging strong enough provocations in Ukraine. Killing a few pro-russians, bombing their centre or something like that. Russia would be most happy, if a bigger conflict would start.

In the circumstances described previously, Russia and Putin would not care about the promise to mr. Hagel that Russia will not invade.

Russia can use what ever cheap lies or tricks to fake whatever it takes to find a reason.

The Russian soldiers without insignia was one cheap trick, and a very transparent one. The “tourists” who are big, strong men crossing the borders in groups and going to Ukraine, are provocateurs, as the local people report.

When will West finally start understanding, that Russia never deep inside accepted any treaties or is trustworthy.

Wake up before it is too late, if it isn’t already


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