A common mistake in the way of thinking

People tend to think that others think the same way as them.

For example Russia and Putin have always seen the actions of West as agression and an attempt to conquer. Why? Because that is the way of thinking of mr. Putin.

Europe has always been soft friendly, and tries to solve things with politeness. And so has Europe been thinking of Russia for two decades now.

But the imperialistic approach and dream in Russia and its agressive state organs were never buried.

Hitler was a real person, Mao in China was a real person, the leaders of North Korea are real people. Why does anybody think that the Russian president can not be likewise?

Eastern Europe has been ringing the alarm bells for years. But western forces have been very sleepy. The attitude has been: “That just can’t be in todays world. Do not be silly.”

But now might be too late. The Russian government beast has grown the military very much. What do you think where have the gas/oil billions gone? Not to education, not to investments to build up a democratic country. The opposite. The trillions have gone into military production.

Every people thinks differently. Do not expect that others think the same way as you.

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