The biggest joke

The Putin’s sentence that the army in Crimea has nothing to do with Russian army is the really big joke. Even before any soldiers flowing to Crimea from Russia were reported in news channels, there were videos in Youtube, where trucks with Russian soldiers with no insignia came from Russia.

The Putin’s phrase the :”You can buy many things from a shop”.

I would comment like that :”Of course you can form a very well organized and fully armed army with armored vehicles. And with such firearms that are never and nowhere for sale on the public marked. And the numbers of soldiers are in thousands or in tens of thousands.

Now let me ask that :” If Putin lies like this, then why? What do these lies talk about this man, his ambitions and mentality.”

Look how tense and unnatural is his body language when confirming that these soldiers are not Russian.

If it made you think or was informative, please share.Awareness and clarity is the backbone of democracy.

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