Root of problems in Ukraine/Europe/Russia

Stalin created the KGB. In English – Committee for State Security.

It was the tool that helped Stalin to eliminate dissidents and unwanted people.

Terror was widespread. A few examples:

In TV, pictures of horrible things were put between normal movies. Just one picture, so it settled in the subconsciousness and nobody was even aware of that. The goal was to rise the level of terror as much as possible. People did not even trust their family members. Often, the closest friends were traitors etc.

Stalin said: “Death of one people is tragedy, death of million people is pure statistics”

The KGB cages in my hometown museum are brown from blood until this day. People were tortured and killed in the most brutal way.

Stalin created so called -destruction battalions-. Their purpose was to “hang around” and destroy buidlgings, housings, kill and torture people. (Breasts cut off, people burned alive, raped before shooting etc. There are all documented and widespread actions)

Stalin destroyed the whole richer middle class. All the richer farmers were killed also in Russia.

The victims of Stalin regime in total has according to some researches reached 60 mln.

The execution of about 10000 polish soldiers.

Death of several million people in Ukraine through artificially created famine by orders from Stalin.

Stalin had sexual intercourse with minors who were later executed.

People just disappeared massively and were never found again. Many young beautiful women among them. You can guess what happened to them.

Now the same KGB what helped Stalin do these things and is based on the same principles and doctrines still exists now. It is renamed to FSB but is basically the same instrument created by Stalin. Mr Putin is also former high KGB officer.

Remember, Germany was purified from Nazis. But this cleaning never happened in Russia. What Russia calls as liberation from Nazis was of course liberation from Nazis with a tiny addition. And this tiny addition was a similar bloody dictators regime with instead of independence brought another wave of endless pain and executions and deporting.

My grand-grandmother and her daughter were deported to Siberia to the utmost difficult environment with no hope for a better life. Her husband was shot. And they were Russians. I think a person in well-fare environment just can not imagine what these millions of people had to go through.

But what is important to remember – the same KGB is still ruling Russia. Stalin’s and Lenin’s monuments are still everywhere and strongly respected and protected by the government. And Russia is officially falsifying the history and wrong facts are taught at school to provide people loyal to the regime.

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