What does it mean -obdequacy-?

-Obdequacy- is a hybrid of two words – objectiveness and adequacy.

These two qualities are not fully achievable but they should be the purpose to get a solid basis and direction for big thoughts and actions. Furthermore, if the subject has to do with issues where so many people are involved.

My goal is to comment on political events in the world. Give thoughts and solutions before it is too late.

I am trying to bring out facts and details instead of throwing my own emotional opinions. The world is heavily over politicized. So instead of messing around with the things we hear, see and read, we should ask – why?

Very few actions are made and seldom a word is said without a purpose. Usually three or more steps are thought ahead and are they thoroughly calculated like in playing the chess.

It is the rule of continuance, the rule of reason and consequence.

Freedom comes through understanding the hidden ideas and the secrets behind the actions.

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